The Storå card - Mandatory for those who fish in primary salmon fishing waters in Storå

When you have bought your membership oryour day angling permit, remember that you must also have a Danish fishing license and a Storå card

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2024 catch of salmon in the entire Storå river

When the status of a quota is displayed as Kvoten er lukket!, the quota is closed. When the status of a quota is displayed as Kvoten er åben, the quota is open.

Please note that the quota for large salmon is divided into 2 portions, with one portion of 78 salmon released on 16th of April and the second portion af 77 salmon released on 16th of June.

Many of the details from the reported catches we have made some aggregate statistics on, just as you will also be able to see the individual catches with the submitted reports and pictures.

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On the overview "Quota control for the entire Storå system" you will find the quotas that have been allocated to the individual members of SVS. The members who have a number next to the name are allowed to take home the mentioned number from the western part of Storå.

The members where the word "common" is stated have fished in Storå east or in a tributary and they have the opportunity to take home fish on a common quota without indication of size.


Quota control for the entire Storå system.

Termometer Mand Varmestop

Heat stop is cancelled

The fishing is now open after the heat stop

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090521 Stopskilt

Stop for big salmon

Killing salmon over 73 cm is no longer allowed

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